Paternal Ancestors

My Paternal grandparents were Mary Louise Fleming and Charles William Mckinney.

Mary Louise Fleming was born July 1922 in Buffalo, New York to Edith Elizabeth Fleming Prater. Her father is unknown. She was an only child and grew up in Cincinnati Ohio. She married Charles William Mckinney in about 1939. Louise later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she met and married her second husband, Charles Leo Johnson. She died in Minneapolis, September 1994.

Mary Louise's mother, Edith Elizabeth Prater was born in Tennessee in 1904 to parents, Jennie King and Robert Fleming. She had one sister named Vivian.  Edith was raised by her  grandparents, Emmet and Elizabeth Fleming. In Brownsville, Haywood county, TN. The family migrated to Cincinnati, Ohio in about 1922. It was there that Edith met Thomas Prater. They were married there on July 23, 1925. Thomas and Edith moved to Minnesota in the mid 1940's. Thomas opened a grocery store on the north side of Minneapolis.

Jennie King and Robert Fleming: 

Jennie King was born in Memphis, Tennessee on 1880 to parents, William and Rachel King. As far as I know, she was an only child. She married Robert Fleming about 1900. After they divorced, She later married Alonzo Wiley. Jennie moved to Cincinnati, Ohio with her family in the 1920's. She eventually migrated to Minneapolis, Mn. She died in St.Paul, Mn in 1969

Robert Fleming:
Robert was born in about 1875 in Brownsville, Tn to Emmet and Elizabeth Fleming.

Thomas Prater was born in Newman,Georgia in 1900 to parents, Cornelia Huggins and Israel Prater. He had three sisters. Lula/Lola, Ida Belle and Sarah.

Charles William Mickinney Not much is known about him. He was born in Knoxville,Tennesee in 1920. At this point, his parents are unknown. He had a sister named Christine and a brother that they called J.D.  his grandparents  were Lottie/Lettie Hunt and  Charles Hunt. The family migrated from Tennessee to Cincinnati, Ohio sometime in the 1920's.

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