Maternal Ancestors

Maternal grandparents Augustus Wooley and Viola Woods.

Augustus Wooley was born February 1914 to Berry Wooley in Calera, Alabama. His mother's name is unknown at this point. He was an only child. His mother died in childbirth or shortly after. He was raised by his mother's family. Augustus married Viola Woods in 1935 in Birmingham, Alabama. Together they had five children. In about 1955 he left Alabama and moved his family to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Augustus died February 1984.

Viola Woods was born November 1917 in Alabama. She had one brother, who died at 15 years old. Her mother's name was Viola Barfield, not sure of her maiden name. Viola was married to Paul Barfield. She married William "Jake" Simmons March of 1930 in Bessemer, Al. together they had two daughters. Elizabeth and Lola. She later divorced William and married Augustus Wooley in about 1938.

Berry Wooley was born April 1897 in Calera, Alabama to parents Mary Molly and Berry Wooley. He had a brother named Augustus, and a sister named Mary. Berry moved to Minneapolis in the 1950's with his wife Lillian (McCogee). He eventually went back to Alabama. He died in Birmingham in 1977

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