Mary L. Fleming, Charles McKinney w/ daughter kathy, Edith Prater, Jennie Wiley (seated- Mother of Edith)

Mary L.Fleming (in hat) and unknown friends

Charles E. Mckinney

Charles E. McKinney

Mary Louise Fleming with husband Leo Johnson 1960's

Viola and Buster Wooley

Gus and Berry with their father Augustus Wooley

Berry and Gus Wooley with their mother Viola

Gus Wooley (Buster) with nephews, Johnny and Charles (shorty)
Siblings-Ann and Augustus Wooley Jr. (Buster)
Charles Emmet McKinney

Augustus Wooley Sr., Gus Jr. (Buster) and Viola wooley

Robert Fleming

Vivian King- Sister of Jennie Wiley

Edith Elizabeth Fleming Prater

Edith Elizabeth Fleming

Edith Elizabeth Fleming

Jennie Wiley

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